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Quality Policy

The aim of SONEAS is to provide and continuously improve competitive services in the field of pharmaceutical development, to produce and develop high added value pharmaceutical intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients and fine chemicals.

We assure the competitive and customer-oriented good quality of our manufactured products and services by the following:
• We comply with the current GMP/ISO regulations during the production and development of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates.
• Our activities are carried out under controlled processes. Our procedures and quality system is certified by an independent third-party by lSO 9001:2015. The continuous and effective operation of our quality management system ensures a process-based approach and system-oriented rnanagement of all aspects of professional activity with the appropriate handling of the risks and opportunities that arise, furtheremore, all the elements of our quality management system is regularly reviewed. The reviews are planned and controlled to ensure the possibility of continuous development.
• The entire management of our company is responsible for the effective operation of the quality management system together with the quality director who is prepared to regulate and continuously improve it.
• We would like to know the customer’s demand, so the quality of our services will always be able to adapt to the customers’ expectations. We are continuously monitoring and analyzing the operating environment of our company and their potential impact on our activities;
• All employees must have quality-oriented thinking and we expect responsible work. We ensure their motivation and professional development. We require that all employees and subcontractors involved to contribute to the company’s success by their personal knowledge and responsibility.
• We put great emphasis on the prevention of soil and air pollution, and minimize the harmful substances in wastewater effluent.
• Soneas undertakes an overall responsibility to set-up a safe working environment.
• With respect to the required processes, products and services provided by the external source we use clear set of requirements in our supplier and subcontractor relationships. We expect them to be committed to the quality. The service and the products they produced / provided must have the required, quality all the time.

The SONEAS’s management stated that the scope of this quality policy – without exception – applies to all activities, products, and employees. The management is committed to the implementation of the policy and ensure the necessary verifiable human, material and financial resources.
Soneas EMA Certificate
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