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From Discovery to Clinical Development: Your Trusted Chemical Support Partner

Over 25 years experience in early phase development, now strengthening capabilities to offer an end to end solution in API development.


Our highly skilled chemist team (PhD and Msc) can deliver projects with high flexibility, extraordinary solutions in extra short timeframes.


Versatile Discovery Chemistry

Discovery chemistry team covers targeted library synthesis, lead optimization supported by computational chemistry through partnerships if required. Our highly qualified team has a versatile understanding of asymmetric transformation methods, organometallic chemistry, including metathesis to deliver the desired compounds in the most economical way. The chemists have large synthetic experience synthesizing building blocks and reference compounds, scaffold analoging, focused library, heterocyclic chemistry, asymmetric synthesis, natural product synthesis, impurities & metabolite synthesis, route scouting, early and late-stage PRO.

Chemical expertise

• Strong understanding in synthesis of enantiomerically pure compounds, whether by targeted stereoselective synthesis, resolution, or separation by chiral preparative HPLC methods.

• Homogenous catalytic couplings are widely applied (including Kharasch, Suzuki, Negishi, Sonogashira, Kumada, Kumada-Corriu, Buchwald-Hartwig and Stille couplings).

• Hydrogenations (under h2 pressure or transfer hydrogenation). Asymmetric syntheses based on carbohydrate frame-molecules, natural product analogues.

• E and Z selective metathesis in glow box to access chemical entities which would be hard to achieve with ordinary chemical transformations.

• Synthesis of stable labelled API analogues.


Isolation techniques

We have expertise in all important isolation techniques and have the capabilities to choose the best way to deliver your target compounds (including crystallization, distillation, flash chromatography, preparative HPLC, lyophilization).

Analytical Support

• Our high-quality chemistry and aggressive target timelines require high quality analytical chemistry support. Having confidence in the structural characterization of the compounds is essential. Our company makes it priority to have the analytical department up-todate and precise as much as possible supported by heavy investments. Our wide range of analytical equipment’s is ready to support the discovery needs.

• Our discovery chemistry services are backed by strong analytical chemistry support, robust IT infrastructure and ELN, as well as efficient data and compound management.


Flexible delivery model

A flexible delivery model enables clients to work closely with our technical teams. Our teams are preparing detailed regular updates followed by telephone conferences and detailed development reports to ensure transparency during the work and supporting the most effcient way to make decisions together with the partner even during the project.

Our clients can choose from:
• Full-time equivalent (FTE) (mid or long term)
• Fee-for-service/Fixed Fee (FFS)

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Case study


• Lead optimization from first hit to find an effective chemically available molecule


• Lead optimization from first hit to find an effective chemically available molecule.


• Old traditional, linear synthesis was abandoned.
• Key intermediate was identified together with the biology team containing the base structure which can be easily modified to optimize the biological properties.
• Scalable and robust process was developed for the key intermediate to save time and money for the lead optimization.
• Analytical methods were developed to monitor boththechemical and chiral purity.
• A closecollaboration system was developed with biology partner to be able to deliver new molecules on a daily bases and be abletoreactonthebiological results within a few days by
• synthesizing new compounds.


• A highly effective lead compound was selected in 12 months time as a result of the excellent collaborations involving 3 FTEs in the chemical part.
• A scalable synthetic procedure was available to support further pre-clinical activities.
• Soneas could give further support to deliver the lead compound at higher quantities as the capability to scale-up APIs is readily avalable in Soneas labs and cGMP Pilot Plant

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