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Project Management & Sales

Fundamental to project success

Every project is unique, with time and budget boundaries and with often more than one objective. The key to meeting these challenges is to have a strong, risk-managed plan in order to consolidate the required resources, at the appropriate moment to meet goals and to manage progress against that plan; ensuring that any required re-working is planned rapidly and effectively. At Soneas Chemicals Ltd, we inherently understand the pivotal role that project management plays in any success.

We have a dedicated team of experienced Project Managers, operating within the organization.  Our teams are the focal point for overall project management but also have the skills and ability to ensure that communication between technical teams is not impaired by cumbersome ‘traditional’ project management theories and practices. We work to an effective, tailored experienced project management process, focused on understanding and then addressing our customers’ needs:

  • Personal and ‘human’ interaction and collaboration
  • Project review
  • Timeline adaptability
  • Tailored and efficient communication tools
  • Customized solutions
  • We have dedicated teams, offering true commitment and availability for a close collaboration