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Supply Chain Management

At Soneas Chemicals Ltd Supply Chain team operates as end-to-end network between the company and the suppliers to produce and distribute specific products to the customers. We have active management of all elements of supply chain to maximize customer value and achieve and maintain sustainable competitive advantage.
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Supply chain activities cover everything from product development, sourcing, production, and logistics:

We have capability to plan and manage all resources required to meet customer demand for the company’s product or services in efficient and effective way that delivers value to customer while meeting the company goals.

At Soneas Chemicals Ltd the supply chain structure is flexible and adjustable to specific customer requirements scaling up from R&D and pilot plant activities to mass production managing an overall 208.000 kg capacity.


Our global sourcing organization works on finding the right partners to provide goods and services at competitive cost level to create products.

Materials management:

Our customer centric approach allows us to manage customized materials management including consignment inventory, raw material and finished goods safety stock management or subcontracting management as integrated part of our value chain.


Soneas Chemicals Ltd built various warehousing capabilities to meet special customer requirements such as temperature controlled dedicated warehouse, our manufacturing locations have the required infrastructure to arrange and handle inbound shipments including customs clearance from global suppliers by using all shipments modes: air, train, ocean, ground and dedicated services, while we have  various routing options to coordinate outbound deliveries to customers, from simple dispatch of loads to dedicated door to door deliveries.